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Resolution Inplant Services Inc. has a solution for all your date codes, batch and lot codes, best before date codes, traceability and product identification needs.

Your production facility needs reliable, high quality industrial printing equipment to meet various government and industry-specific regulations as well as your own quality control and traceability guidelines. There are many equipment options on the market today. However, the reality is, when equipment gets damaged or breaks down, production downtime must be minimized.

Rest easy. Resolution Inplant Services’ 60+ years of experience is here to help you every step of the way.

Continuous Inkjet Printers?

Resolution Inplant Services has been the FULL-SERVICE Canadian Distributor for EBS INK-JET SYSTEMS of Germany since 2002. We carry the printers, the parts, the Inks and the Solvents and we perform all service and repairs, 24/7, at your facility or ours. Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ) are still the most comprehensive method for applying print for all coding and marking applications. Click here to find out more about EBS Ink-Jet Systems.

High Resolution Inkjet Printers?

Resolution Inplant Services now offers high-resolution printing from UK-based Foenix Coding. Using piezoelectric technology from Xaar, Foenix Coding’s high-resolution printers offer a range of porous and non-porous inks for most applications. Foenix printers really shine when it comes to external packaging printing and box printing as well as plastic and metal extrusion applications. Maximize uptime with minimal components, no maintenance, easy to use printers. Click here to find out more about Foenix Coding.

Is Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ) the answer?

Do you need an inexpensive, simple, maintenance-free industrial inkjet printer? Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ) may be the solution. Resolution Inplant Services carries TIJ high-resolution printers from ZenJet Coding of France. The Zenjet brand of Thermal Ink Jet printers from Worldwide Coding Solutions Group (WCS Group) has partnered with Hewlett-Packard HP® for the development of inks and hardware to create a simple industrial inkjet printer for porous and non-porous substrates. Click here for more information on Zenjet’s high resolution TIJ printers.

Can TIJ replace CIJ?

In some applications, the answer is yes. When it comes to high speeds, irregular surfaces, complicated adhesion requirements, fast dry-time needs, changing and excessive ink throw distances and environmental conditions, Continuous Inkjet Printers are still the only option for date coding and product identification.

Handheld Industrial Inkjet Printers from EBS

The call for handheld inkjet printers was answered by EBS Inkjet Systems of Germany in 2005 with the release of the truly innovative EBS Handjet 250 portable DOD (Drop On Demand) industrial inkjet printer. EBS created the world’s first completely mobile inkjet printer because they realized not every product can be labeled automatically on a conveyor. Large items such as totes, precast concrete, uncut and milled lumber, wood and composite pallets, one-off items, light and hydro poles, agricultural sacks, construction projects, ductwork and piping, large post-extrusion pipes, post-manufacturing textile cuts, shipping crates and boxes, large equipment identification, weldments, concrete and metal structures and components, pilings, custom-cut foam products, and so much more. Building on the success of the Handjet 250, EBS designed the larger Handjet 260 with the feedback of customers and distributors. Alphanumeric large character drop on demand printing as well as images, bar codes, automatic date and time stamps and incremental counts can be obtained in heights ranging from 11mm to 56mm. For more information, click here

Handheld Industrial Inkjet Printers from Reiner

Smaller text and images can also be obtained from the incredible lineup from Germany’s Reiner printers. As the world of innovation grows, so do the needs of manufacturers, customers, distributors and shippers and receivers. We all need to make our mark in so many different ways and Reiner has a handheld inkjet printer for just about every application needing small text, images, 1D, 2D and QR bar codes, time and date stamps and incremental counts. What do you want to print? Click here to see which Reiner printer will work for you.

What makes us better?

We value your success as well as ours. You deal with the owners, on site, who have the desire to succeed and the ability to make important decisions for the best outcome possible. Experience. Confidence. The right attitude. We know that the next sale does not come without exemplary service. At Resolution Inplant Services, we firmly believe that Customer Service is not a department- it is everyone’s job. We go that extra mile, and we do everything possible to make sure there are no traffic jams along the way.

Quality Products

Our reputation has always been our strength, but that strength also comes from quality machines. Please check out our Products page for quality industrial inkjet printers from EBS Inkjet Systems, Reiner/AMI, Foenix Coders and Zenjet Coders.

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Why Choose Resolution Inplant Services

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We’re an owner-operated company, highly specialized in installing and servicing industrial inkjet printers / equipment. Inkjet printing is all we do.

And “Why Inkjet”? With new Federal regulations from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), every food product and beverage available to Canadians must have the ability to be traced back to the beginning of the supply chain. Inkjet is still the best way to apply date, batch and lot codes to these products which is the key to traceability.

Response Time

We offer true 24/7 live response and same day or next day service to fix your problem. Nobody can compete with us on that.

Owner Operated

The owners install and service your industrial inkjet printers / equipment. We have a vested interest to keep your printers working.

Full Inventory

We carry a full line of inventory of parts and consumables. We know our clients and their needs, and carry stock to serve them.

60 Years Experience

Our experience goes above and beyond. We are highly specialized and have been in this industrial inkjet printing industry for almost a combined 60 years.

Speak to The Owners

How It Works

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Our process is the streamlined result of almost 60 years of experience in the installing and servicing of industrial inkjet printers.


Phone Call

In a phone call we, together, assess if the industrial inkjet printers / equipment is suitable for your needs.


Site Visit

We visit your site and do a live demonstration to make sure we are offering the right printers / equipment for your application.



We install and configure the printers / equipment and provide full training to your team.


Reliable Production

Our 24/7 service and full inventory of parts and consumables ensures that we can keep your production lines running.

Speak to The Owners

So, Call Us Now to Assess Your Needs!

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And in the meantime, check out the case studies of clients who are thrilled with our service.
You can stop being frustrated with the cost of downtime and instead be confident with a solid product and 24/7 support by the best technicians in the industrial inket printing industry.

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Products & Services

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Brands / Memberships

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What Our Clients Say

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Nearing a combined 60 years of experience, we have helped countless production companies in food and beverage, pharmaceutical and steel manufacturing keep their inkjet printers running reliably.

“We found Resolution on the internet and purchased our printers back in 2006. We already had experience with industrial inkjet printers and knew what bad machines and poor support was all about. Scott and Chris deliver on everything they said they would…quality machines and excellent service. They answer the phones every time and when we need them, they are there. Every time.”

Darrell C.
Production Manager
MG Chemicals

We were introduced to the EBS printers when talking with one of our sister plants in Ontario. They told us they were so impressed with not only the printers, but also with the fast response from the guys at Resolution.

The two different Inkjet brands we had here for years were not very reliable and the service, while local, didn’t meet our expectation. Now we get clear crisp print from the EBS printers consistently and when needed we phone Resolution any time of day or night for assistance of any kind.

After a short learning curve we now find the printers easy to use. I would recommend Resolution and EBS Inkjet printers to anyone.

Maintenance Manager
Nova Tube

After meeting Chris and Scott at a trade show, we bought a reconditioned EBS6100 in February 2015 for our first mobile canning line. Resolution helped us with everything; payment terms, set up, training, and most importantly, on-going support.

As we grew, we stayed with Resolution and are using new EBS models for all of our inkjet date coders. Technical support, either by phone or on-site, by Chris and Scott is unbeatable. Ordering supplies is simple and consistent, and everything we need is always in stock. I can't speak highly of them enough!

Steve Vowles
Canning Line Manager
Vessel Packaging


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